Customer Loyalty
and Referral Program


Reward Your Customers and Grow Your Business

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Create Your Own Loyalty and Rewards Program

People respond to incentives—it’s really hard not to. Market Cloud helps you pull together a team of loyal customers that respond to your brand by offering them a selection of enticing rewards they can't ignore.

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Turn Your Customers Into Advocates and Reward Them For Referring

Provide your customers with a means to establish your credibility and squeeze mileage from quality referrals by making sure that they actively engage other people to your business. Your customers are your best advocates, design an inclusive system that lets you reward them for referring and managing the leads directly.

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Custom Your Campaign Easily

Create campaigns and customise everything from the rewards offered and incentivise your customers for repeat purchases, birthday treats, reviews and more.

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"With MarketCloud, we are able to easily create and customise a rewards program which helps us to get more referrals and repeat purchases"

Lynnette Koh

La Belle Couture Pte Ltd

The Customer Loyalty and Marketing System That Works

Grow your company exponentially, gain control over important company information, oversee user activity, and put premium on your customer's marketing involvement. All these with Market Cloud.


Tailor-fit your reward scheme and exhibit your brand’s DNA and preferences in order to keep customers motivated.

Beautiful Interface

Don’t just manage more—manage easier and better. Benefit from functional, easy-to-manage interface that doesn't bore you with the technical clutter.

Manage on The Go

With our handy mobile app, you can manage your program, members on the go.

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