Divinity School - Waiver of non-refundable registration fee of $300

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  • Valid Until 30/06/21


We are a school that relied on foreign enrolment and with many foreigners returning home, we see a drastic drop in enrolment and we have no new foreign enrolment since the Circuit Breaker. We do not receive any form of financial support from government agencies or private organisations. To tide us through this difficult period, we hope to create local awareness that all children can be enrolled regardless of their physical and intellectual development as we are an inclusive school registered with ECDA. Our vision and mission for our school is "not to generate profit" but to make a significant positive change in a child's future. As such, our services are reasonably charged for a holistic programme of high quality.

Terms & Conditions

• Valid from 1 Feb 2021 till 30 June 2021. • No selection of programmes. • All programmes are from 9am to 4pm, inclusive of lunch and snacks. • Lessons will be conducted in small classroom size of 4:1 or 6:2. • Inclusive of 1:1 therapy services if required. • School transport charged separately and not included in this offer. • 10 days written Assessment provided only for children signing on after trial period. • No refunds are allowed after registration for trial or during trial period.



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